New EP - Songs About Death!

2017-07-04 13:29:47 by littlbox

Check it out here:


2017-01-14 17:51:13 by littlbox

Hi-llo! I hope you guys are enjoying 2017 so far.

I have a couple of new projects I'd like to share with you guys....

1) Animation - I have finished a short animation based on a drawing by Explodingdog ( I'm not sure whether to post it publicly or not, so I'd like for you guys to decide! Go to the linked video, check it out for yourselves, and comment whether you'd like to see it posted publicly:

2) Music - I've also made a remix of Lemon Demon's "Cabinet Man" if you'd like to check it out: I don't think it complies with Newgrounds' copyrighted music policy, so I've uploaded it to soundcloud. Tell me whatcha think!

That's it for now. See ya!



Happy Holidays: Update + Watch A Comic Strip Form!

2016-12-10 22:57:59 by littlbox

Hey, guys! 

Happy Holidays! I really hope you have an excellent month and that all goes well.

I'm still at work on some new projects, the biggest one so far being the formation of a comic strip! I've never done anything like this before, so it is really exciting! Check out the status of the strip and othe updates at my blog here:

Don't worry, I'm hard at work on my next animation, and it'll be my best yet.  Until then, Merry Christmas! 



November Stuff and Whatnot

2016-11-04 19:38:39 by littlbox

First off, I'd just like to thank everyone who's been watching and commenting on my videos. It's really great to get feedback on here, and I just want you to know I appreciate and am putting it toward good use. :)

It's going to be a while before I get started on my next animation, but in the meantime, check out my new blog! It'll be great place to check up on animation progress, as well as other various projects I'll be working on.

That's about it. See ya!