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Spanked by the hand of God.

Great to see you back in action, horizon.

Very nice to see some old pals collab on something cool like this. All of you should be proud.

Especially you, Cillín. God knows how long you've been working on this, and I'm so glad to see it in its final form. :)

Snackers responds:

praise be littlbox

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10/10 Better than the original

After months of not playing any NG games, this was a good way to get my foot back in the water. Thanks, GüdEl!

Really awesome game! I know how much work you guys put into this, and it really shows. Congrats on the daily feature! :D

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Interesting piece! The use of rain sounds and the bookending record sound brings to mind lo-fi hip hop, but the actual composition uses electronic music and dissonance in a way that's reminiscent of an FL Studio-based Boards of Canada or some of Knox's early music work.

I enjoy the variety throughout, and that you utilize different parts at different times while keeping the piece cohesive. I esepcially enjoy the "drop" at around 2:20, and how it kind of takes us out of the piece into a darker place for a bit before going back into the environment you've set up.

The piece gives me the feeling that there's something in the rain that's not supposed to be there and the nervousness that surrounds witnessing this creature, or possibly the creature witnessing you. But in the end, was the creature ever really there at all? That's just my personal take on it, though. :P

Overall, it's not something I would pick out to listen to on a whim, but it was a rewarding listening experience. Well done!

Btw, make sure that your piece lines up with the AIM rules! I think you need the tag "aim2023", the piece you're inspired by needs to be in the Art Portal, and you need to post this song in the submissions thread. Just wanna make sure you qualify. :)

Creeperforce24 responds:

Of course, glad you liked it

Really enjoy this track! Comparatively pretty groovy compared to some of your other work, and your music always manages to tickle my ears. I appreciate the purposefully good vibes. :)

NeuroNoNeuro responds:

Thanks there, @littlbox! I was nudged into making a more percussion-centric variation of my style when I joined up with Mille Plateaux, it helped the music to fit better. I had actually been making tons of music like this before, not quite as complex, for 15 years. Go figure. I took out the percussion to get on Audiobulb, then added it back in :D Thank you so much for the compliments, I'm flattered!

Very nice song! Your signature style of blending lofi instruments with soundscapes works very nice here, and it's interesting to hear you singing in a higher register than you typically lead with. Great job! :D

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Don't worry, Fred Durst isn't real.

Congrats on making it thru Mumbo Jumbo High! Now it's time for...Mumbo Jumbo College?

We broke up on April's Fools day, so I took it as a joke.

Just a square peg in a round hole.

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