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I enjoyed this quite a bit! Your useful tips and calm tone of voice helped me get all the way to step 4. Unfortunately, I forgot how to live, so I'll have to find a tutorial for that.

Also, I really enjoyed the background music. Any way I can listen to that track?

Bingleheimer responds:

Damn. Good luck finding a tutorial for that one. Thanks for the feedback!

The song is called Sleeper by Steve Adams. It's a song I found in YouTube's Audio Library! Search for it there and you can download it.

Pretty good! I always enjoy the old-fashioned animation style and hijinks. My biggest critique would be to work on the comic pacing. The repairing of the wall goes by way too quickly, as such the ending feels rushed. Otherwise, good short! :)

This is the only FNF video I need

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10/10 Better than the original

After months of not playing any NG games, this was a good way to get my foot back in the water. Thanks, GüdEl!

Really awesome game! I know how much work you guys put into this, and it really shows. Congrats on the daily feature! :D

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Really beautiful piece. I love the seamless transition from the ambient parts to the melodic without ever losing the overall mood. Great arrangement and production overall; Great job! :D

Aghostinmyroom responds:

Thank you !

I really really like this track! You've got a good emo band sound going here. The low vocal volume works in this case - for some reason that seems to be a staple in this kind of music.

The only thing is I can't tell; is that guitar real or is computer-generated?

In any case, great job! :)

Yoshiii343 responds:

the guitar is all software.

I'm really not a fan of remixes, but yours acts more a lot more like a cover - in that your version brings out something in the song that wasn't there in the original. And personally i think it's beautiful. :)

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God, I remember watching this video when I was 10, so long ago....

Now I'm 12.


i feel his eyes penetrating my soul

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