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littlbox's News

Posted by littlbox - 2 weeks ago

Last September, I got together with my good pal @bitbeak (@idontknowcorp for art) and started organizing a story for a zine he wanted to make about two peeps missing a bus. This became a 10-month endeavor that involved collaborating on a soundtrack, seeing WIPs of the comic coming to realization, and getting a crash course in the best way to print a zine.

Now, I'm pleased to announced, IT IS ALIVE!

Andrew's gonna be posting the comic weekly by chapter, alongside the corresponding track from our score. You can read the first chapter here:

And listen to the accompanying music here:

Also, if you buy the album on BANDCAMP, you get a PDF of the zine, and if you pay $5, you can get a PHYSICAL COPY!


Hope y'all enjoy the work and love that's been put into this.





Posted by littlbox - 2 weeks ago

It's been a busy busy time, and I want to post an update about it, but I'm not feeling like writing too much about it, so I'm going to give summary points as to the big things in my life the past six months, along with corresponding photographs.

1) Turned 24 and released album (on the same day):

IN BED!!! on Bandcamp

IN BED!!! on Spotfiy


2) Produced a short film (coming soon...) (I'm on the very right)


3) Graduated from film school


3) Moved to Wilmington, NC


4) Got new glasses.


5) Making progress on personal projects


Overall, it's been a year of big changes, and I'm extremely fortunate to be able to pursue the path I want to be pursuing right now, even if there's bumps along the way (but that's what makes it FUN.... like the band. And yes, they are really good.)

I hope y'all are doing well. Let me know how things are going! Has this year been turning out like you wanted? Good or not so good? What are you grateful for and excited for?

Your bud,




Posted by littlbox - March 13th, 2024

So hey –

Last year I whipped together some music for my classmate Nathan Lathroum's entry to Joel Haver's "Make a Movie During The Oscars" contest, where people are invited to spend the three hours the Oscars airs making a movie instead of watching the Oscars. Here's his final result, he also used "Soda Pop" and "Role Models":

This past week, Joel announced the ten best films from this contest, and Nathan's film won! Joel was very kind in especially complimenting my music. You can see the video here (my shout-out is around 10:17):


It was a lovely compliment that put a smile on my face; thanks so much Joel, and congrats to Nathan!

In Other News...

Currently on Spring Break. Halfway through my last semester of school, and it's so refreshing to know that, in the very near future, I'll no longer be confined by school. Instead I'll be confined by life YAYYYY!

In all honesty, I'm really grateful for my time at school, and it's continued to be a fantastic resource that is helping me to grow into independent producing. It'll just be nice for me to finally go out and see if I can actually do this on my own.

Speaking of which, I'm currently developing a short with a couple other peeps from school. I'll be making a more in-depth post about it in the near future, so stay tuned!

The Logan Whitehurst doc continues to move, albeit at a snail's pace – read my latest update HERE.

Also, cassettes from my newest album, In Bed!!!, are still available to purchase from my Bandcamp!


Give one of the tracks a listen here (prob my personal fav off the album):

How are you?





Posted by littlbox - February 8th, 2024


Tomorrow at 11pm EST, I will be livestreaming on my YouTube channel as I lie in bed listening to my newest album IN BED!!! as a tutorial for proper usage of the album in order to avoid musical overdose amongst the youth.

Proper dosage and consumption of music among teens is a growing problem in Civilization, and I hope this stream will educate some of the more unenlightened listeners on this side of the Solar System.

Please forgive me for the heretic YouTube link, but as hard as I tried, I could not find the elusive Newgrounds livestream button here, and must resort to other platforms to accomplish my mission.

Join me as we venture into this terrain of slumber-sounds whilst we relax on our respective mattresses.

Thank you, Newgrounds, for your continued support throughout the years.

:), littlbox




Posted by littlbox - February 2nd, 2024

Hey all! I've turned 24 years old today, hooray!

To celebrate, I've finished and put out a new album of music! IN BED!!! consists of five vocal tracks and four ambient ones to mimic the lovely feeling of bedtime activities: sleeping, dreaming, somnolence, insomnia, gooning...

You can listen to a song from the album here:

and you can download the album from Bandcamp here!

To celebrate both the release and my birthday, I'm having a listening party at 11pm EST tonight on Bandcamp! If you're interested, click here to RSVP!

Also, my school just so happens to be screening Akira tonight before the listening party, so I'm gonna eat that up!

Anyways, hope y'all are doing well!





Posted by littlbox - December 26th, 2023

Hello all! I hope everyone’s having a merry Christmas season. You all made it thru this year, and I hope that next year brings a ton of cool stuff your way.

Tis the season for a yearly retrospective!


I’ll go thru it my usual way, starting with NG-relevant stuff I’ve done this year and working to the sweet sweet center of personal journeys.


I was able to bring back littlMixes for a short time from January-July! It’s always so nice to listen to what other people are up to on the site, and nothing beats the feeling of finding your new favorite Newgrounds song. I’m also very glad to have gotten the chance to talk to @Wilieu about her work – it’s always evolving and very interesting.

I wasn’t able to sustain it all year, simply because I had way too much going on. I love surfing through the NG Audio Portal, but I’m finding it harder and harder to find the time to do so. However, I’m going to make it a point to find some kind of workable routine next year to ensure I keep up with the ongoings of the site.


I put out eight music tracks this year, all of varying genre. Here are some of my highlights:

Was lucky enough to make it in the top 20 of this year’s AIM with this track:

Made a cool irl collab with @bitbeak:

Put together a Secret Santa track that somehow has made it to over 4500+ listens and 100+ downloads!

Thank you to everyone who continues to listen to my music, and to Newgrounds for front-paging this insanity.


Didn’t do any vids for NG this year, but participated in two collabs:


This is made up of a lotta cool peeps I’ve been chatting quite a bit with in the last year over Discord, all of whom are very talented and creative in their own right (including old FlowDownStream buddy @Sro). It’s always fun to participate in this kinda collab, and I look forward to continuing to chat and create with these people next year!

NGTV Christmas Collab:

Another collab ran by another ol’ FDSer (let’s go @Kolumbo), this was definitely a much more passive entry to a collab. I haven't checked out the collab yet, but I'm super excited to see what everyone contributed!

Now, it’s time to get…


Let’s start with

Your Friend Logan

Probably the crown jewel of my achievements this year. This documentary on Logan Whitehurst is something I’ve aspired to since I was 12, so to have it completed is just surreal. I was on-and-of editing the film throughout the year, and spent an entire week in September where I got 3-4 hours of sleep a day to complete the cut in time for festivals. Not recommended for a sustainable living, but definitely was a rewarding experience to be so focused on completing a project. We’ve submitted to a dozen film fests so far, and are continuing to submit to more, so stay tuned!

Film School

This past year, I produced two student films – we shot one in February entitled Lovesong (my 3rd year thesis – I also did music for this one!) and the other in November called The Half Moon Motel (my 4th year one). These both were enlightening, educational, and exhausting experiences. Lovesong is done, and Half Moon is still in the editing process. I don’t think we can make these public, but if anyone wants to see Lovesong, send me a DM and I’ll share the link with you.

Some highlights:

May – I went on a cruise with my family, after which I caught COVID and spent a week doing nothing but sleeping and watching Bee & Puppycat on Netflix. It’s a good show for that kinda thing.

July/August – I moved into a new house with my roommates, two very cool dudes whom I’m grateful to call friends. We also did a few midnight movie screenings on campus before things got real hectic with 4th year films.

September – Immediately after completing a cut of Logan, I went to Colorado to see @bitbeak, and we hung out. I got to play VR Mini Golf, which I’m convinced is the funnest game ever made, especially when you’re flying. Also had Indian food with @PsychoGoldfish.


There were some fun and high points throughout the year, but definitely the worst points were my multiple burnouts.

I’m not good at relaxing, nor delegating, nor giving myself credit where credit is due, and so the mix of anxiety, overworking, and low self-esteem makes for one helluva cocktail, and the hangover is terrible. Maybe some peeps here can relate to this? It’s really gotten to a point where I know that these fears and exhaustion spells, if left unchecked, are going to really hinder my progress moving forward, and that's no good!

So, I’ve begun seeing a therapist, and we’re going to see how that route goes. I’m optimistic that, at the very least, it will be a new experience and give me new perspectives on this road block, which is exactly what I need.

In summary…

2023 was a really good year. I got a lot of projects in with a lot of new experiences and new knowledge, and I’m going to take the time this last week to be grateful for this, along with being fortunate enough to have the people I love around me, and good health in spite of eating like crap. Though there were some especially cruddy parts of the year personally, I’m working to make sure that these personal issues become easier to deal with. I’m excited for what 2024 will bring.

And so, until we meet again, I hope y'all have a happy New Year.





Posted by littlbox - October 14th, 2023

Hello hello! Long time no see.

I’m a busy busy bee atm (as in “at the moment” — if you try to deposit money from me, be ready to be sorely disappointed), and I haven’t had time at all to contribute to Newgrounds. Once December comes around, I’m going to see about being more active on the site and checking out all the awesome art I’ve been missing out on.

But I come out of my cave today to share some exciting news —

We’ve finished the Logan Whitehurst documentary!



The documentary I’ve been working on for the last 4 ½ years about late artist, musician, and songwriter Logan Whitehurst entitled Your Friend Logan has finally hit the point where we have been submitting it to film festivals, including SxSW and Tribeca, for potential entry.

I emphasize kinda only because there are a few elements we need to solidify over the next few mnths, namely sound and credit-wise, but the movie now is 98% the movie it is going to be.

It’s been a long, sometimes difficult, but mostly fun process, and I’m so grateful to have had the chance to make this passion project, something I’ve wanted to make since I was 13, with some amazing people.

I want to give a tremendous thanks to @RWappin, @spicybagel, @IDontKnowCorp/@bitbeak , @TheMarooned, @Tiltro, and @HenryEYES for their animation contributions, and to @TomFulp, @PsychoGoldfish, @MindChamber, @GoodL, @ninjamuffin99, @Wandaboy, @TheDyingSun, @StufflingDX and everyone else here on Newgrounds that has been so supportive of the project. This documentary seriously could not have been possible without this site, and I am so grateful.

And of course, my co-producer Matlock and cinematographer Sean, two fantastic and invaluable people who believed in me and in this project.

I’ll keep updating as we hear back from festivals and once the film is finally distributed and ready to publicly view. Until then, back to the cave.



P.S. Lovin' the NJ Meetup pics I'm seeing. :D



Posted by littlbox - September 11th, 2023

Hello, folk of the Newgrounds!

I'm sorry to say that I will be putting littlMix on hold for the time being. Currently, my schedule is overloaded with my feature-length documentary (which we will be completing and sending out to festivals at the end of the month) and my 4th year thesis film for school, and these will have to take precedent over scouring the audio portal and putting together playlists of my favorite tracks for each month, at least for now.

I adore the talent that continues to show in the music that people post to the site, and I look forward to when I can take the time to truly listen and admire to these tracks again. Until then, keep on creating, and I can't wait to hear what I've been missing.





Posted by littlbox - August 17th, 2023

Just wanted to take a quick moment and express gratitude for hitting 700 fans!


Whether you're coming in from my music, littlMixes, blindly following every person who worked on LUCKYBOY, or have been with me since 2016, I appreciate what love and support my littl contributions to the site have gotten. I hope my various pieces of art have touched you in an appropriate and consensual way.


On my end, I'm starting up my final year of school next week, and currently balancing pre-production on my thesis film and completing post-production on the Logan Whitehurst documentary. It's a tricky balance for sure, but it'll be such a joy and relief to have them completed.

Also, I'm really glad to have made the Top 20 in this year's AIM, and to have made it to the Knock-Out round of the NGADM! Putting together something for that at the moment.

I'll be continuing to post my monthly littlMix and monthly piece of music, but for the most part I'll have to be residing in reality (whatever that means) for the next few months. Kinda looking forward to doing my year review; it'll be good to look back on what all has happened in 2023.



Posted by littlbox - August 11th, 2023

Wanna know the secrets of the universe? All of the answers to life's problems?

So do I.

In the meantime, here's a littl mix of songs that I especially enjoyed on the NG audio portal this past month.



@deadman, @blandaflamma, @mothlightx, @VenusiaX, @ValerieHell, @Synami, @AUTOSTEREOGRAM, @Zechnition, @foghorntape, @JoeBurgerr, @HumanCenterpiece, @LordAndiso, @Glassedhouse, @masterakuma99, @FOUNDDEADINLA, @ForgottenDawn, @cocojoeyyy

Also, if there's any tracks on the audio portal you especially enjoy, feel free to shoot them my way! I'm always on the lookout for tracks, and I'm always too busy to do so in a timely manner. :P