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Posted by littlbox - 8 days ago


My sweet baby boi @RGPAnims was kind enough to make a new banner for me! Thanks so much Ryan - everybody go check out his quality animations.







In the meantime, here's what else is going on.

  • I'm busy moving out of state atm, but I have an animation that I'm keen to work on as soon as I settle down.
  • ACOCk is still going strong - we're recording Episode 32 later in the week. Be sure to join our Discord so you can listen to episodes LIVE!
  • Currently demoing some tracks for an album TBA later in the year, with a potential release date in November. I hope to start releasing some of those and miscellaneous stuff by the end of the month.

Take care! :)



Posted by littlbox - June 17th, 2019

My very first front page post. This is amazing; I want to cry.

As some of you might know, I co-host a podcast called A Couple Of Crickets with my good e-friend @GoodL, and our latest episode features Aaron Long, famous for his series Sublo and Tangy Mustard and work on Netflix shows BoJack Horseman and Tuca and Bertie, and we interview him extensively (maybe a little too much :P) on his animation background and experience in the industry. You can listen to this episode HERE. He's probably our most high-profile guest yet (@ninjamuffin99 excluded of course), and it was awesome having him on the show. Thank you again, Aaron. :D

Also, with today being the deadline for the Art-Inspired Music contest, I figured it would be great to release a last-minute ditty I came up with for an awesome little illustration by @FLASHYANIMATION. It's a bit short, but I hope I did it some justice. The piece and the song are both called "Moody Robot", and you can check out my song here, and the original illustration here:


Also, @GroundsPatrol sucks. Aaron Long said so.

ACOCk 4 Life



Posted by littlbox - May 25th, 2019

This post is for for the one hundred people who were kind enough to hit the follow button on my page between October 2016 and May 2019.

Thank you, each and every one of you. It's been a crazy few years on this platform, and I really hope to spend many more here. I've seen so many awesome shorts and pieces, heard some awesome music, played a couple of awesome games, and met some more-than-awesome people here. The Newgrounds experience is like no other, and I'm honored to be a part of that experience for a hundred of you.

So, from the bottom of kidneys, thank you...








































































































Posted by littlbox - May 16th, 2019

I made a beautiful tribute to my favorite Youtube video ever. Watch here.



Posted by littlbox - February 24th, 2019


A couple of weeks ago I made a short video called "Samuel - The Musical" for entry in the Mumkey Jones Short Film Festival. Yesterday, said Festival premiered on YouTube and Twitch, and I was one of 10 short films accepted!

There is an ongoing poll to decide the winner of the contest that ends on March 9th. Please take some time to watch my video and, if you liked it, vote for it here: https://www.strawpoll.me/17484056/

Thank you so much.

Oh, and quick shout-out to @FlowDownStream for starting Season 2 on a great note! Check out "Mind"; I've got an itsy part in it. :)


Posted by littlbox - February 2nd, 2019

IM 19 AHHHHHHHHH̀̕̕H͘͏H̷̡̀͞H̢̧͘͡H̶͏̧͠H̷̀͢H̷̛̀͜H̡̛̕͞H̷͢͜͞Ḩ̵H́̕ḨH̷̨͘͠͡H͟H̵̢̨͘͠H̷͡H̸̕͘͏H̡͟H͠҉̶Ḩ̡̢̛!̴͘!!!




Posted by littlbox - January 7th, 2019

I've started a podcast with @GoodL called A Couple Of Crickets. You can check out our first episode here! We talk mostly about animation, Newgrounds, and how the site affected both of us.




Posted by littlbox - December 30th, 2018

Wow. It’s almost over. Thinking back on this year is odd, because it seemed so much longer than it was.

Before this year, I had posted a variety of videos under a variety of usernames on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet. I knew I wanted to be a filmmaker, but had no real direction, nothing I could hang on to.

Finally, this year, I decided to sit down and stick with one name – “littlbox” – and see how it went. And boy did things change.

I started back up on Newgrounds to really try and take animating more serious this time around. I tried several different styles, seeing how far I could go without any basic comprehension on how to draw (which makes animating interesting, lemme tell ya). Through that, I somehow stumbled upon several creatures known as “Lip Heads“, and they quickly became my favorite characters to bring to life. And since they seem to be popular with other people as well, I’m taking it upon myself to dedicate a good part of 2019 to bringing more Lip Head adventures to the small screen.

The best thing by far to come out of restarting on Newgrounds was joining FlowDownStream, a collective of amazing guys who are just as insane as me. I can’t thank each of them enough for letting me be part of this amazing journey down stream, and for giving me the motivation to continue on with my own work. I can’t wait for Season 2!

On YouTube, I’ve been experimenting further with live-action. I’ve upgraded my camera to a GH3, and I spent a good chunk of the summer doing nothing but writing scripts.

My biggest accomplishment was completing the script for Talentless, a feature length movie that’s currently in pre-production. Production is slated to start in February 2019, and I’m ecstatic to start on something completely new to me.

I’ve also done a lot musically. I released a full-length album, two EPs, and a single on my Bandcamp, alongside several pieces of music on my Newgrounds and Soundcloud. Writing music is my next passion in life, and I’ve already started demoing for my 2019 album.

In my personal life, there were a lot of good moments as well. I graduated from high school, got a driver’s license, and started working a couple of new jobs.

There were also several really bad points in the year. I don’t want to get into too much detail, but this included an old friend of mine jumping off a bridge, another friend getting attacked in front of me, and being refused admission from my dream school for reasons unbeknownst to me. All of these things really brought me down for a while, but each time I’ve been able to get back into doing what I love: creating.

This was the year of experimentation. I’ve learned a lot from the mistakes I made in 2018, and in some ways, this whole year was just preparation for 2019. I’m really excited what the future holds, and I’m ready to take on whatever is in store for me.

Thank you all so much. I hope each of you has a Happy New Year. :D

(also, please be sure to check out my new website: littlbox.com)


Posted by littlbox - December 6th, 2018

Since September, I've been working on the script for my first featue live-action film, and now I'm happy to say the pre-production ball is rolling!

The film is going to be called Talentless, and if you're interested, you can check the production status at my blog here: https://talentless-production.blogspot.com/


Posted by littlbox - November 19th, 2018

L              H      :       I            A           M

I               E              '                          O

P              A              M                        P