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Sayonara, 2021!

Posted by littlbox - January 5th, 2022

Hey there, you! Look at you! You've grown so much. I remember when you were just a fermented egg. Now look at ya.

I was originally gonna post this simultaneously with the new littlMix, but I'm becoming quickly buried under my other obligations before I can get around to recording it. So I'm gonna do this post now, and littlMix should be done sometime in the next week (hopefully).

So, without further ado, here's...

littlbox's Key Moments of 2021



In 2020, I started making playlists of some of my favorite tunes on the site and calling them littlMixes. I think I even had a one-off segment on @TheNewgroundsPodcast where I sampled some of my favorite tunes.

This year, I decided to really play around with the idea of making this into a sort-of podcast/radio/audio.

I began by making one every week, which worked initially, considering my Winter Break last year went on til February (thanks COVID), but as soon as studies started back up again, it was apparent that I would not be able to maintain a weekly format. So, I made it monthly instead, which I honestly think was a much better idea.

I've really enjoyed making this show because there really are no rules or mandates for it. I make it whenever I can, and if I miss a month, I miss a month. And since there's no real formula, I can play around with it however I want.

I want to give a special thanks to all the talented music makers on this site, especially @Bitbeak and @ShelbyBryant for agreeing to be interviewed for this wacky experiment. And a particular thanks to those of you that listen to these.

Made a few Lip Heads-es

True to my word in 2020, I made a few Lip Heads episodes in 2021. I wanted to give it some priority to see if I could sustain it as its own show.

I made 5 episodes, and I don't foresee myself making any this year. I'm happy with what I have, and though there is some fun in the making of these, they currently don't hold a spot in my priority list. I'll probably end up revisiting them once I have more time to do so, but I don't see that happening anytime soon.


Music is such an integral part of my life that there won't ever be a year where I don't make some. Unfortunately, like most of goals for 2021, I over-projected how much I would make, but I think a decent chunk came out of it...

  • Some instrumental tracks
  • My dad's Christmas gift:

Honorable Mention: I opened up for music commissions, and so far I've totaled one whole commission! It was actually pretty interesting - I've never custom-made music for someone else, so it was a good learning experience. I'll have to post the final result here when I get the chance.

(if you're looking for music for a project, hit me up!)

School Projects (Halloween Night & My Microwave & Me)

As school has taken over my life, most of last year and most definitely this year will be spent on assignments and working bit jobs on other people's projects. However, I did manage to get two of my own in this year.

Halloween Night was my Directing final, and it was very tricky to get down this story into three minutes. I don't necessarily think I succeeded the way I wanted to, but I'm glad to have been able to make it and put these ideas into action.

My Microwave & Me was something I made this past semester after realizing that I really had nothing to show of my own. So I pulled out this script from a year ago, got my roommate to act in it and his friend to shoot it, and voila! A masterpiece is born.


The big one.

At the beginning of 2021 I wasn't too sure what was going to happen. The vaccines were just starting to come out, but I wasn't sure when I'd get one, and how this would affect shooting. As such, scheduling was really tricky, and even with vaccines, we definitely weren't able to put aside a month to travel cross-country as planned. Instead, we set aside a week in the summer to interview who we considered to be our highest priority interviewees.

Between July 30-August 4, I was in California traveling up and down the coast with my producer Matlock Zumsteg and cinematographer Sean Pettis, and we interviewed a dozen people for the Logan documentary. The experience was at the same time exhilarating and tiring. It was amazing to be doing the thing I'd been waiting to do for so long, but it was such a new experience, and some things I could only learn as we went along. I'm really glad to have done it. The interviews came out great, everyone was so generous, the guys are so awesome, and I can't wait to get on the road this year and do it again, now knowing what I know.


So about a year ago, I contributed to a couple of projects and completely forgot about them until Christmas, when they increased my follower count by over 100.

One was a Christmas Collab hosted by one @RGPAnims (postponed to this year), to which I donated this very real footage of a boy waiting for Santa Claus on Christmas night, 1999.

The other was something called LUCKYBOY...this guy @BrandyBuizel had something to do with it, and I helped make a 20-second ditty for it with @GWCtheband, @Dogl on vox and @Carmet on bass.


  • Co-judged AIM 2021
  • Made Some Collages
  • Starting a Jonas Brothers cover band

And that's 2021!

2022 is already starting out so differently. My priorities are in a much different, yet much better place starting out, and it'll be interesting to see where they take me this year.

We'll see.

Thank you to everyone who's been spying on me this year. I hope y'all made it through 2021 in one piece, and that 2022 brings you chocolate-covered flowers.






lov u lil box i miss talking wit u bro

god speed on your future endeavors man!! B)

cant wait for the logan film ur always making cool stuff

You actually remember when I was just a little fermented egg man? That you've watched over me for so long! I'm honored.

And how prolific can you be in a year really... been fun following your various creative enterprises here, though might've only tuned into the microwave one so far this year - which was great, and I thoroughly enjoy the littlmixes, gotta listen to more.

Here's to a grand 2022! May you ferment further and grow forever and just get greater/radder/better!