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Newgrounds CENSORED My Work!?!

Posted by littlbox - December 28th, 2019

haha u fell for clickbate

So about a month ago, I hit up my boi @HenryEYES to see if he wanted to a live-action sketch. He had mentioned wanting to do something live-actiong for a while, and I wanted to get back into making more videos after a hiatus this past summer. He seemed keen to the idea, so I typed up something in twenty minutes, we rehearsed a bit in Discord and added bits that seemed funny, and thus "DO NOT OPEN" was born

It took about a month to get together, only because Henry is a klutz (luv u boo) and had to keep reshooting parts. But I shared what we had with some online friends, and everyone seemed to have a positive response. 

That's when @ninjamuffin99 said he would only watch the whole video if it was on Newgrounds. He might've been kidding (probably not), but the idea seemed funny to me. A live-action video?...on Newgrounds??...THAT'S CRAZY!

But, historically speaking at least, there's always been live-action on Newgrounds. One of my all-time favorite creators on the site, @Knox, got his start by posting a couple of silly webcam videos to the site before his series Klay World took off.

And let's not forget that, up until 2016 (when it was taken down for copyright reasons), the single most popular video on the site was the original NUMA NUMA video by one Mr. @GMan250

So, if only to see what response it would trigger (and for the aforementioned ninjamuffin to watch it), I posted the video to Newgrounds.

And two hours later, I get a message from my designated driver Henry...


He wasn't kidding.


This actually caught me off-guard. I was completely ready for the possibility of the video getting blammed by users, but not manually removed off the site by the mods.

So, I took a look in the Terms of Use to see if my video had broken any rules. After all, maybe "NO LIVE-ACTION ALLOWED" is indeed a rule of the site that I hadn't known before.

It isn't. And as far as I know, the sketch didn't have stolen material nor real pornography in it. 

So I shot that guy Tom a message. 


And not an hour later, I got back a response.


Since it's been republished, it's actually gotten a pretty good response! In fact, we were lucky enough to get the Underdog of the Week award!


But this whole incident made me realize how much some people are absolutely, vehemently opposed to live-action on the site, and I honestly do not understand why. 

Personally, I would love to see live-action grow on this site. Though I understand Tom's reasoning of not wanting to blindly "open the floodgates", I think a live-action scene would help to grow this site even more, and a flowering and more active community would result. 

So, if you are reading this article, and are genuinely distraught that I put up a video like DO NOT OPEN, please let me know your reasoning in the comments below. I'm curious to hear thoughts on either side of this "issue".

In the meantime, if you've got a little bit of Christmas left in you, you can listen to the newest episode of A Couple of Crickets HERE:

That should probably kill whatever Christmas you have left.



Comments (15)

Free live action

who is ninjamuffin99?

AAAAAAAAAAAAA... idk I think tom is right, keep Newgrounds animated(at least for now) live stuff can come a bit, but I would feel huge guilt if people would actually start uploading huge amounts of live-action stuff to NG. I don't want that, I think there are enough places for live-action on the web(like youtube). I don't think anyone really wants to have NG be cluttered with live-action stuff

Live action has the chance to be a really cool genre on the site but at the same time I completely understand the worry people have about the whole thing. Mostly because with animation it takes a lot more time and effort and therefore will most likely be of much higher quality whereas a live action submission could be churned out half-assedly more conveniently.

Think I mentioned it on Twitter before but I like the compromise Newgrounds has right now where all the live action stuff is of pretty high quality and clearly had a lot of work put into it. James Lee's stuff comes to mind, and of course there's other's like Super Slumber Party and all that.

Might also be because of the shut down of Tumblr (and maybe Twitter soon in a sense..?) and allowing live action might be a dangerous mix. Then again I'm pretty sure you can only upload 2 flashes/movies a day and the userbase is very good at keeping spam from the quality stuff so maybe lowering the guard for live action stuff wouldn't be so much of a bad idea.

Loved the btw, had a good few chuckles

The issue is live-action is too easy to produce garbage in mass quantities. I'm in no way saying that all live-action is easier than animation or that animation can't be garbage and/or spam, but the bare minimum to make a live-action video is hit record, and whenever you hit stop that becomes the full duration.

That being said I'd like to see some high-effort live action sketches in the same way Channel101 behaves but on this site.

IT is hard to monitoring floodgate.

Man this is a sticky sticky subject. I'd be down for liveaction but I feel like it'd have to be incredibly monitored, like even more so than animation. Maybe something similar to art scouting, so that newbies can't flood the site with low-effort live action content into a portal, and you have to earn that ability after proving you make quality content?

I dunno, it's touchy. To quote @OzoneNG, endorsing liveaction is openin Pandora's box

Loved ur video tho, glad it's back on the site

Thought this might've been about that birthday collab thing suddenly disappearing, still a mystery there hmm, shady things going on behind the scenes here hmm!

I agree with the reasoning Tom points out, it's been mentioned in many a news post too, but they really need to get something about that into the rules to make it official. Having content taken down not by the actual guidelines but by an unofficial set of ditto doesn't feel right. It probably happens a lot, especially now with the influx of YT users and the kind of content they're bringing with them, but still. Gotta make that official.

Maybe we could have a clause that allows the occasional live action work from users that traditionally do NOT post live action work, like this, where it's just one of those rare and fun things, and not flooding-the-portal-with-non-animate-niche-distanced content.

In regard to the notion of allowing ALL video material: it doesn't seem profitable IMO, or beneficial to the community. I think I've written about my thoughts on this on one of those ACOCK pods earlier, among other places, but basically: YT isn't turning a profit. If not even Google, with their custom-built server halls and all can't keep it profitable I don't see how we could either. Sites like Vimeo are a mystery. Maybe it's the scale. Maybe it's that they're focused on a artsier, and potentially more financially lucrative group of users. Maybe it WOULD work fine, but the potential that it all goes out of control seems pretty big. Video-related content is easy to make, so I believe the influx of new content could easily outweigh the resources required to keep it going. With a site focused on not just allowing uploads but also preserving and cherishing all that content that comes in it doesn't seem sustainable. The capacity growth of HDs is slowing down too, yet resolutions keep getting higher; file sizes bigger, amounts ditto, population growing... I think a lot of other companies will start having issues with storage expansion and retention too, NG maybe more than others. Just doesn't seem like a good idea to me. But I like the exceptions. Occasional LA stuff or hybrid animation/live action (there's a lot of that already) FTW (I mean that in the positive sense, acronyms with shifting definitions WTH).

Also what a perfect title for an underdog award. XD

Bruh . That’s what I had to say

I feel Live-Action is a rarity for good reason on Newgrounds, it needs at least some type of direction, a bit of editing, and to keep the user wanting to see how the sketch and whatnot ends (I recall Smosh, knox, and a handful of other users used to submit strictly live-action stuff even all the way back in 2005, not sure why people think "we never allowed it" on Newgrounds.)

Here's hoping we will slowly get back more well-made Live Action shorts in the future, I know AlmightyHans got a front-paged Live Action entry last year and quite a few people lost their minds and tried to tell a mod (AlmightyHans in this case) what is and is not allowed on Newgrounds which I kind of just had to shake my head at, oh well.

I assume you and your friends have more plans for comedy sketches in the future of Newgrounds?

I think there should be a separate live action portal, so stuff would be less confusing

I'm with Tom on this one.If they allowed Live-Action onto the site,NG could be absolutely flooded with no effort submissions recorded with a phone with a bad camera.Maybe Live-Action but there's some animation included in it.You know some bar of entry the vid has to reach to not be blammed immediately.I dunno,i think it's doable but the solution ain't easy to figure out.

Again, this ain't Youtube, where the easily-accessible live-action genre leads room for many uploads, which even they are running at a loss. Unless Newgrounds gets way more supporters than it has, the servers can only handle so much.

:y cus live action is smelly hahaha

To me Newgrounds has always been about people freely expressing themselves in any way they please be it through animation, art, music or just anything in general. Certainly there are guidelines that everybody has to follow but I feel live action has that place here as well for expression. I agree with the masses in the sense that if Tom says oh yeah anybody can now post live action it would be horrible and kill the site for a bit. If live action were to become more popular it would need far more moderation than anything else on this site but I think it would be worth it. I feel I am very one sided in this argument due to the fact that I have very little artistic talent and all that stuff but I have done acting and I am also currently working on a script. I would love to put up the finished project on Newgrounds but I feel like big projects like the one I am working on would be in the minority compared to the mass of webcam videos.

Anyway great vid it would take a lot of effort from the community and moderators to make live action far more accessible.