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Sp00ky October Update

Posted by littlbox - October 11th, 2019

Howdy, partners! Hope y'all 're havin' a tootin'-snootin' helluva time, you sons of bi-

*coughs out Southern*

Ahem, I mean hi! How goes it?

Lots of cool things are happening to people everyday, and I've got my fair amount to share! So let's go!...

MUSIC/ALBUM - I mentioned back in August that I was in the midst of making a new album. This album is still in the works, with songs varying from completely done to not even recorded yet. However, progress is being made every day, and I'm really excited with what's turning out. The album's currently titled Nostalgia For Yesterday, and I'm planning on getting it out around Thanksgiving.

I uploaded a track from the album today to give you guys a taste. It's called "Happy Marching People", and it's one of my favorites.

You'll also see some awesome cover art by one @TheDyingSun! She did a fantastic job on this, and you can see the artwork itself here:

In the meantime, got an awesome track going with @GoodL for the Spooktacular that'll knock your socks off and send them to Iowa (where all socks go to die).

And thank you for the love on "Special Little Snowflake"! It was originally supposed to be on the album, but I decided it didn't quite fit with the rest of it. And thanks once again to @Carmet for a kick-(b)ass line.

ANIMATION/MOVIES - Currently working on a non-Lip Heads animation featuring voices from @GoodL and @dogl. It's called "Scam Likely", and it's coming along pretty well! I hope to have it out within a week or so for you viewing pleasure.

Once that's completed, I hope to get a quick Lip Heads out for Halloween. But be warned, it's bound to get SPOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO-


I'm also working on a number of live-action stuff. Some of you may know that I'm undertaking a feature-length documentary on musician and artist extraordinaire Logan Whitehurst called Your Friend Logan, and that's my biggest priority thus far. If you'd like to keep up with progress, check out the Facebook page HERE.

I'm also finishing up a short film called "Early Bird", which is currently getting a score by Owen Otto, cool dude to all. Once that's done, it'll go up on my mostly dormant YouTube channel.

ACOCk - You kiss your mother with that mouth?

Everything's been going real well with the podcast. Certified demigod @TomFulp has given us and GroundsPatrol our own little section on the frontpage, which is still beyond amazing. Thanks, Tom! (now just bring back the NINJAMUFFIN99 BIRTHDAY COLLAB)

We won't be recording this weekend since GoodL's busy moving to Zimbabwe, but we'll back next weekend with a VERY special guest, so stay tuned!

OTHER - The apartment's been cozy. On the lookout for a roomie to splint rent with, and I'm currently working two jobs to cover living expenses and my Beanie Baby addiction. It's a real problem, guys...

Oh, and I met @NickConter and @MrFelis irl about a month ago! They're a cool couple of crickets.


That's me on the left, sipping some sweet tea. Yum.

Oh, and BOO!

Did I spook you?



Comments (2)

AHH! you really spooked me good littlbox!

What, Zimbabwe?! Was about to say something about how cool news all of this was but then that bit comes up there. For real? Seriously??? I may be a bit gullible when it comes to false announcements announced in passing without much emphasis as to make it seem they're not false at all but nothing's impossible these days...

Good stuff going on all over though. And faces to put to three famous NG names. Nice.